We are the general consulting firm that supports medical facilities in various projects such as management improvement, relocation, reconstruction or new facility establishment, etc. Our employees support them with qualified skills such as "Healthcare management consultant (HMC)", "Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant", "Senior Healthcare Information Technologist", and "Health Information Management", etc.

◆What is the "HMC Firm ?

"Japan Association of Healthcare Management Consultants (JAHMC)", researches and studies about medical care, long-term care, disease prevention and welfare, is performing activities to maintain and improve quality of HMC. JAHMC accredits consultants who attended designated lectures and passed the qualification test as HMC, and also as HMC firms if they satisfy certain conditions such as the number of HMC employed, etc. We, as one of the accredited HMC firm, contribute to the better society for better healthcare.

Accredited Healthcare Management Consulting Firm by JAHMC
Accredited date : May 1st, 2012
Registration No.10-0007