From the time that System Environmental Research Co., Ltd. was established in 1993, we have been developing and implementing management solutions for medical and nursing care facilities throughout Japan while providing consultation services for our customers.

We started our business with a small group of specialist employees in their respective fields. Over the next few years, we expanded our business lines and acquired knowledge and experience in hospital management and renovation, including management diagnosis, planning and support for implementation of plans (specifically in the various fields of management improvement, reconstruction of organizational operation system, construction of medical information system, procurement and maintenance of medical devices and equipment, commissioned business, and development of regional cooperation, etc.).

To provide the optimum solutions, we take action based on our hands-on policy and always consider every detail from the viewpoint of our customers, who work in medical/nursing care and welfare facilities, and also from the perspective of the patients and their family members. We will be expanding our business operations overseas as well as in Japan.

There is no doubt that the rapidly changing medical environment poses several challenges to determining the best possible management solutions. However, our philosophy of creating value for our customers ensures that customer needs are accurately identified and that the expertise of each member of our consulting team is fully utilized to provide the services required to achieve our customers’ mission and vision.

We look forward to continuing to serve our customers.

System Environmental Research Institute Co., Ltd.
President Jun Takehara