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Area  Order Receipt date 
Type of facilities  Number of beds   Services 
Receipt service                    
Apr,2017 University hospital 1044 Medical information system audit services for FY2016                  
Apr,2017 Local government-run hospital 323 Consulting services related to management improvement                  
Apr,2017 Local government-run hospital 650 Re-development operation examination services          
Apr,2017 Local government-run hospital 300 Medical equipment plannig service                  
Dec,2016 Local government-run hospital 250 Services for defining requirements for a system related to Electric Medical Record system                  
Dec,2016 Private hospital 238 Consulting services for introducing hospital information system                  
Nov,2016 Administrative agency - Advisory services for reviewing community medicine                  
Oct,2016 Local government-run hospital - Support services for developing maintenance and renewal plan of medical equipment                  
Oct,2016 University hospital 1163 Support services for renovating nursing wards project Ⅱ                
Oct,2016 Local government-run hospital - Outsourcing of medical work and purchased goods management service                  
Sep,2016 University hospital 1163 Support services for renovating kitchen A in the nursing ward                
Aug,2016 State-run hospital 500 Support Services for replacing hospital information system                  
Jul,2016 Public hospital 441 Service for developing medical equipment improvement plan                  
Jul,2016 State-run hospital - Instructor for in-hospital training about management strategy for hospital                  
Jul,2016 Local government-run hospital 300 Services for medical equipment development                  
Jun,2016 Local government-run hospital - Consulting for procuring medical equipment                  
Jun,2016 Local government-run hospital - Benchmarking services for radioactive devices prices                  
Jun,2016 Local government-run hospital 300 Advisory service and consulting for Hospital Information System                  
May,2016 Public hospital 500 Support services for maintenance and improvement of medical equipment for a new hospital                  
Apr,2016 University hospital 1217 Support services for renovating nursing wards project Ⅱ                  
Apr,2016 Local government-run hospital 144 Services for developing new public hospital reform plan                  
Apr,2016 Administrative agency - PFI advisory services                  
Apr,2016 Local government-run hospital 300 Consultation for Operation, survey                  
Apr,2016 University hospital - Consulting for the hospital redevelopment                  
Feb,2016 Public hospital 868 Consulting services for planning and implementation for NW and hospital information system for the new hospital relocation                  
Dec,2015 Social insurance hospital 500 Reliability check for insurance claim for the special treatment materials                  
Oct,2015 University hospital - Support for the master plan panel discussion                  
Oct,2015 Private hospital - Consulting services for the information system                  
Aug,2015 State-run hospital 350 Consulting services for hospital information system renewal                  
Aug,2015 University hospital 1217 Support services for renovating nursing wards project Ⅱ                  
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